Netflix is the most popular form of entertainment these days, just Netflix and Chill they say. Netflix is an on-demand streaming service which allows you to watch as many TV Shows or Movies as you want by charging a monthly subscription fee. It is always recommended to pay for Netflix Subscription and use it but it’s complicated. Netflix charges in US Dollars which are converted to local currency in other countries and the price becomes abnormal. Other reasons are Netflix does support all the countries, so if you are living in some Tier 3 state then you are not allowed to register for the service. The workaround solution to this is Netflix Cookies. Netflix Cookies allows users from anywhere in the world to stream TV Shows or Movies from the Netflix library for free. There are many websites you can look for the cookies but they all merge the links with Ads, Surveys and most of them are fake. In this article, we’ll share the best working free Netflix Cookies or Netflix Premium Cookies 2018.

What are Netflix Cookies?

Netflix has a huge library of movies, sitcoms and documentaries. All of them are in high quality and accessible all at once. It is arguably the most popular on-demand streaming service. The nearest competitors like HBO NOW is popular because of a single show like Game of Thrones and Amazon Prime is just getting started. As discussed earlier not everyone can purchase a premium Netflix subscription that’s why this workaround was created. Free Netflix cookies can be imported into your browser using an extension. Google Chrome has the best support for it. After importing you can simply open Netflix’s website and you’ll find yourself already logged in to a premium account. You’ll see an already activated premium subscription for free. Now you can access all the content Netflix provides and get entertained.

Netflix Cookies work like a share buy service, what that means it one whoever makes the cookies, they have to buy one subscription. The creator when logins to their account, Netflix stores cookies in their browser which stores the login details in an encrypted format. Now the creator can share those cookies to anyone, the user has to import them to their browser. Importing cookies is fairly easy, there are many extensions to do the same. When you are done importing, you can directly open Netflix website. You’ll see yourself logged in to the creator’s account. So basically this concept is all about sharing of account and it is not illegal as it might seem. The use of cookies is done because it stores the email and password of the actual account in an encrypted format so that no one can view it except Netflix’s server. This way no mastermind can change the password and highjack the account for themselves. As it is a free service so it should be accessible to all.

Updated Free Netflix Cookies 2018

Here is a list of free Netflix cookies which are currently working flawlessly. We update the list every month and this is up to date till this month in the year 2018. Just click on the link to view the cookie. Some of them may not be working because of high traffic or the creator did not renew the subscription, in this case, try a different one. Usually, you will find a working one in two trials.

Netflix Premium Cookie Get Cookies 1
Cookie For Netflix Get Cookies 2
Premium Netflix cookies Get Cookies 3
Netflix Cookies Get Cookies 4
Netflix 2018 Cookies Get Cookies 5
Netflix Account Cookies Get Cookies 6
Premium Cookies For Netflix Get Cookies 7

How to use Free Netflix Cookies?

So, we’ve provided the list of cookies, now how to use them. As mentioned earlier you just need to insert them into your browser. Follow these steps and you’ll get there easily.

Install EditThisCookie extension in your Chrome browser. Click here to download, it will take seconds.

After installing the extension visit Netflix’s website, which is

Now click on EditThisCookie extension icon from the Chrome menu and then click the import button to insert free Netflix cookies.

Now copy and paste the Cookie code you got from above and click on the Tick button. There are many available on this page above just choose anyone. Your screen should look like this next screenshot.

Finally, just refresh the page and enjoy free access to Netflix premium account using Netflix Cookies 2018.


Netflix cookies is a fairly fast and easy way to get access to a premium Netflix account. They are very helpful to those people who cannot afford a subscription or Netflix service is not available in their country. It also helps people who want to just use it for a few days, they don’t have to buy a month-long subscription. But in all cases, if you can afford to get an official Netflix subscription then you should buy it. As shown earlier, installing and using Free Netflix Cookies is fairly simple if you follow the steps correctly. If you have any other queries or any of the cookie is not working then tell us in the comments below.